ICT Solution Redefined

Company Profile

PT Info Solusindo Data Utama is a Solution Architect company for data center infrastructure. Infodata provides high quality services including consultation, assessment and integration for our client on data center specifications. Through partnership with some of the most advanced technology companies in the world, Infodata are commited to provide our clients with excellent services and a high level of satisfaction


"Redefine ICT in term of inside out and outside in"


  • Create qualified Engineer based on ability, interest and capability
  • Enrich Engineer’s knowledge and skill by updating newest technology and trend
  • ICT Enabling both business budget and business solution
  • Share return value to stakeholder in reasonable and best value to give positive impacts for replica rolex employee and management's prosperity
  • Share effective and efficient solution for valued customer
  • Deliver qualified installation with certified and experienced engineer supporting

Our Partners

Dell EMC

McAfee Gold Partner