About Us

PT Info Solusindo Data Utama (known as INFODATA ) is a Solution Architech company for data Center Infrastructure and Security. Infodata provides high quality services including consultation, assessment and integration for our client on data center specifications. Through partnership with some of the most advanced technology companies in the world, Infodata are commited to provide our clients with excellent services and a high level of satisfaction.

Storage & Backup Solutions

With this solutions, We provide IT storage infrastructure solutions and services to customers across a wide variety of industry sectors such as pharmaceutical, telecoms, broadcasting and financial services. Our data storage solutions and services enable you to reduce the cost and risk of deploying enterprise data storage technology in your IT infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

Unlimited Support

We are always ready. Call us anytime you need.


We are ready to provide solutions according to the needs and requests. Quality is always our concern.

Our Team

More than 15 years experience in IT Infrastructure Industry.

Building Relationships

We believe a good long term relationship will make our business stronger.

Security Solutions

We have complete solutions for your corporate Security Network range from Endpoint Security to Cloud Security. In our extensive products range, we offer Complete solutions for your enterprise security.

Our Clients